County Championships Working Party

This is a general request for assistance at the Bedfordshire County Championships, which OVA is organising this year, and Evan Sidebottom is co-ordinating on behalf of the club.  Like any major event, one person cannot do this alone, so your help is needed.

On Saturday 31st July – we need help taking the trailer to Ampthill and then ferrying equipment around the field, marking the lines out, setting up the bosses and putting on the faces.  Wear some old clothes for this and bring a hat and/or sun lotion as it’s easy to get burned even if the sun doesn’t seem bright.  This will probably start early afternoon – contact Evan for times/places.

On Sunday 1st August – we need people to help out with the tournament: searching for lost arrows, replacing bosses that get damaged or are too soft, assisting the judges, and keeping the tournament running smoothly.  This is great fun if there are enough of you there to do it, so don’t hesitate to come along and help.  Whatever you can do will be appreciated.  Again, hats and sun-lotion are recommended.  Don’t forget to bring a packed lunch and bring along plenty of water to drink in case it’s hot.

After the shoot has ended and while the scores are being totted up, we will need help taking down the equipment and putting it all away, and then finally bringing back the trailer to Woodside.

You can offer help at any stage of the event simply by contacting Evan via email –  evan [at] edks [dot] freeserve [dot] co [dot] uk – or you can contact Don or any of the club committee members who will be able to discuss with you how you might be able to help.

These events are great fun.  If you haven’t been involved with competitions before, it’s a great opportunity to see what happens without actually entering, plus you’ll be supporting the club and it makes it significantly easier of everyone does a little rather than leaving it to a few people to do everything.

Thanks for your support.

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