Agincourt Shoot

All club members are instructed to attend the Agincourt Shoot, which will take place on the field irrespective of the weather on Sunday 7th November 2010. at 2.00pm.

The Agincourt Shoot will consist of 36 arrows at 30yards scoring to be advised and a timed event to see who can shoot the most arrows within one minute. (Therefore bring all your arrows)

Bow types will be barebow and longbow so its now time for recurve archers to remove their sights and practice.
There is no requirement to wear mail coats and helmets for the competition.
Swords, poleaxes and knives will not be allowed on the field.

(The Agincourt anniversary is Thursday November 4th 2010.)

Note. At Cr’ecy, at Poitiers, at Agincourt and on a thousand other fields, archers of England became the most feared warriors of Europe.

John Martin