Annual General Meeting 2010

The Ouse Valley Archers AGM will be held at Woodside School on Thursday 18th November at 8pm.  Minutes of the previous meeting have been circulated, but if you do not have a copy (please check your email) then contact Don or me and we will send you a copy. Please come along and help guide the future of the club. A key element of the meeting is the election of officers for the club. The following posts are currently vacant: ~

  • Secretary – The secretary is primarily the liaison between the club (and its members) and the county (BCAA), regional (SCAS) and national (GNAS) bodies, as well as looking after any communication with other clubs, local authorities, etc.
  • Treasurer – Responsible for maintaining the club’s accounts and books in the correct manner, and advising the committee on the club’s current and expected financial position.
  • Child Protection Officer – The CPO is responsible for ensuring that we operate in a manner that is consistent (in our particular case) with GNAS’ policies of protection for children and vulnerable adults. In practice, this has always been the least demanding of our offices, but should the CPO ever be called upon to deal with a situation, that could well be reversed. As the policy document is large, and needs to be understood fully, this role is probably best suited to somebody who has previous experience in a similar role. A CRB check is currently required for this position.

From Don, the current Chairman:

Please remember that the club has nobody to call on to carry out these roles other than its membership, and that that means you, and that if the membership cannot find somebody to carry out these duties, then there will be no club.  Sorry if that sounds unduly harsh – I am only trying to put the facts before you.  Please think about giving up some time for your club by standing for a position on the committee, and make certain that you have thought about it very hard before coming to the conclusion that the committee is not for you.  I have certainly enjoyed my time as Chairman and Secretary, but regret can no longer find the time to do so (although I will be standing for one of the other positions that will become vacant).

Please come along and contribute to the meeting.  The future of the club is at stake and all the members need to be involved with the decisions we need to take.