Have longbow, will travel?

The Fraternité de St Sébastien

Then come and shoot with the massed longbows on 12-13 March at the Chateau de Mont l’Eveque, nr. Senlis, France. à Navigator setting = 6 rue de Meaux, 60300

At the Marks, at Speed, in the Cloth of Gold (see also the I.L.A.A. calendar of events; www.longbow-archers-association.org/shoots.html

Saturday; Registration closes 13.45 hrs >> At the Marks 14.00 hrs (artillery shoot).

Sunday; the Oriflamme Shoot at the Marks

Registration closes 10.15 hrs >> At the Marks 10.30 hrs.
you can see the Shoot leaflet; www.longbow-archers.com/LeafletStSebastienMarsENG.pdf

you can read about the Fraternity; www.longbow-archers.com/sebastien.html

and look at the Film / Photos; www.longbow-archers.com/videoalbum.html

Hosted by the Fraternity of St Sébastien; no pre-registration is needed.
Remember to bring your I.L.A.A. longbow Insurance. We can also insure you on the spot (£7 full year).