Judging Opportunities

The club has been contacted by SCAS** to see if any members would be interested in becoming a judge. There are approximately 12,000 archers in SCAS and currently only 51 qualified judges, and ultimately this may restrict the number of tournaments that can be held. Judges are therefore in demand.

There is training available for judges who can qualify at county, regional, national and even international level. There is also a mentoring programme in place and plenty of support for those who would like to extend their interest in the sport into judging. As club secretary I have some detailed information for anyone who might be interested in learning more about what being a judge involves, and I can arrange for anyone who wishes to pursue judging as an option to speak to an existing judge about the role.

Judges are an essential part of the sport and make a valued and respected contribution which is widely appreciated by archers of all standards, and in Bedfordshire we are blessed with some excellent examples. If you are interested in exploring this as an option, please initially contact me for more details (email me – secretary at ousevalleyarchers dot com or talk to me at the club) and we can take it from there.

** the Southern Counties Archery Society, of which OVA is a member through the county