Open letter to all Bedfordshire archers


 Your county needs your help.

Why do we need the County I can hear archers asking; what does it do for me?

The County provides back up and advice to all our clubs.

It trains coaches and they, in turn provide coaching in the clubs and run training sessions for our county team; this will soon be extended to more archers in the      county.

The county also runs tournaments on our behalf: the SCAS and County Clout, the SCAS and County FITA Star, the County Championships, the County Field Shoot and           the County Indoor Championships as well as team competitions with neighbouring           counties. All of these activities give YOU the chance to compete and possibly           represent your County.

Like all organisations this needs a team of people who are prepared to give up some time to help – the more people who help the smaller each job becomes because we are there to share the load.

Like all organisations there comes a time when the “older hands” need to step down, because their official time has come to an end or because they wish to retire. We have reached that point in time and need your help to keep things running. If we don’t get some help then Bedfordshire as a County in archery is likely to disappear into one of our larger neighbours. DO YOU WANT THIS TO HAPPEN?

In particular we need a County Secretary and/or a shadow County Treasurer and a County Tournaments Officer. Job descriptions are available.

PLEASE support you county and come to the AGM on 26th November at Redbourne Upper School and show us that you care about archery in Bedfordshire.

Sue Harper, County President