Club Competition

The first round of the Club Competition 2017 will start on Tuesday 14th February, continuing on Thursday 16th February and Sunday 19th February. More details here

Rounds 2 and 3 will follow in March and April, starting on the first Tuesday of each month.

Competitors are welcome to shoot the round on all three shooting days but only their first score will be counted in the competition.

For more information, contact Rob, Tournaments Officer.

Club Competition Summer 2015 – Round 4

200px-Archery_Target_80cmThe next round of the summer club competition will be held tonight. We will be shooting a Metric II, which is three dozen arrows at 60m and 3 dozen arrows at 50m,  with ten-zone scoring on a 122cm face. There will be a Metric V which is three dozen arrows at 30m and 3 dozen arrows at 20m for Juniors to shoot. Ten-zone scoring also applies.

Thurs 9th July, Sun 12th July, Tues 14th July

If you can assist in putting the targets out it would help if you can be there a little early so that we can make the best of the daylight.

Club Competition 2015 – Round 3

200px-Archery_Target_80cmThe next round of the club competition will be a Short Metric I, i.e. 3 dozen arrows at 50m, 3 dozen arrows at 30m, on an 80cm face with ten-zone scoring. This will be shot on Thursday 11th June, Tuesday 16th June and Thursday 18th June.

Note: Due to a clash with the Kestrels American being shot on Sunday 14th June, unfortunately there will not be an opportunity to shoot this round on a Sunday.

The club is planning to be at Biggleswade on Sunday 14th June for the Kestrels shoot.

Club Competition Round 2 – new date

200px-Archery_Target_80cmThe club competition second round has been delayed one week to avoid a clash with the Presidents and Pairs on 22nd June. The round will not be shot on Thursday 26th June, Sunday 29th June and Tuesday 1st July.

  • Long Metric 2 (3 dozen at 60m + 3 dozen at 50m)
  • Short Metric 2 ((3 dozen at 50m + 3 dozen at 40m)

This will be a Metric Round (6 dozen arrows) with ten-zone metric scoring and will make use of all available daylight, so any help with setting up the field before the round would be much appreciated.

2013-14 Indoor Competition – Round 4

200px-Archery_Target_80cmThe 4th round of the indoor competition will be shot on Thursday 20th, Sunday 23rd and Tuesday 25th February from 7pm onwards. The round is a FITA 18 (shot at 15 yards in the gym) with a vertical FITA 40cm triple face (Score 6-10) for compounds and a FITA 40cm full face (score 1-10) for all other bow-styles.