Christmas Arrangements 2016

christmas-bells-298x300There will be a Santa Shoot on Thursday 22nd December to celebrate the festive season with games, prizes and a raffle. Christmas jumpers are encouraged!

That will be the last shooting day of 2016. The club will re-open for shooting on Thursday 5th January 2017.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Field Party 1st & 2nd August

On the 2nd August 2015 the county will be holding the 55th County and Open Championships 2015 which OVA are hosting. Preparations are well under way and much has already been done. As this is an whole-club event, we are requesting help from all members with the set-up and the field party for the event.

The shoot is atĀ  Redborne Upper School & Community College, Flitwick Road, Ampthill, Bedfordshire MK45 2NU

We will be marking out the field from midday on Saturday 1st August. We expect to have the field marked out by 2pm and be ready to start setting up the targets.

Saturday 1st August 12:00pm

We would like to request help in setting up the targets, erecting the marquee and preparing the field for the shoot. This is likely to takje about 4 hours, assuming we have help.

Sunday 2nd August from 8am

If you are able to offer assistance fromĀ  with the Field Party in looking for lost arrows, assisting the judges, helping with the shoot and packing everything away again after the shoot has finished on Sunday evening, that would be much appreciated.

THERE WILL BE NO SHOOTING AT PUTNOE SCHOOL ON SUNDAY 2nd AUGUST – come along and help at Redborne instead.

Many thanks in anticipation.

Bedfordshire WA 1440 18th-19th July – Field Party

Bedfordshire County Archery Association run a World Archery 1440 tournament every year. This is organised by Kestrels AC but is a County event so support would be appreciated. This year it is on July 18th and 19th at Redbourne School, Ampthill with setting up on Thursday and Friday evenings. No experience is necessary and anyone can help. Doughnuts will be provided on Thursday and Friday evenings.

On Thursday from 16:00 the field is marked out. Whilst a couple of people with previous experience are needed, inexperienced help will be appreciated. The lines are marked with paint so old clothes and footwear are best.

On Friday the bosses will be set out, the camping area marked out, and the timing equipment will be set up and marquees erected. We currently anticipate around 40 bosses so the more helpers we have the better and if you can put up a stand you will be useful. If you are not able to get there for 16:00 but can get there later that would be appreciated.

The Saturday and Sunday help will be needed from 07:00/07:30 for putting the faces on and assistance is needed throughout the tournament. On the Saturday and Sunday mornings we will need to put all the faces up as well as running errands. During the shoot help is needed to look for missing arrows, collecting scores at the end of each distance, ensuring the judges are supplied with drinks, moving bosses, changing target faces, selling raffle tickets.

As you can see willing help rather than experience is the order of the day! If you are able to help for just part of a day that will be very welcome. At the end of Saturday the bosses will all need moving back to the longest distance and at the end of the shoot on Sunday the equipment needs packing away.

As a club we will be looking to get help from the other county clubs in setting up and running the County Championships in August, so any assistance you can offer for this event will be appreciated and will help demonstrate that we all help each other. This is particularly important if you are away in August when the County Championships take place.

Ivy Keating Thanks

Thanks to all the members who turned out for the Ivy Keating memorial Shoot at the weekend and helped on Saturday to line out the field and set up the equipment, or on the Sunday to run and operate the field party, or clear up afterwards – or indeed, both.

Great effort from those that turned up – could have done with a few more, though!

New Stands for Beds County – 4th April

At the last county meeting we the county members were asked for volunteers to help construct 45 new 4 leg target stands.

This has been arranged for the 4th April 2015 at Jools school (Beauchamp middle school Bedford – MK41 7JE) So any help will be greatly appreciated and if you own a battery drill you will be are best friends for ever.

Times willo be posted in due course.

Hope to see you there.

SCAS/BCAA Double FITA Star Tournament 2014

This weekend is the Bedfordshire County Archery Association Double FITA at Redborne Upper School & Community College, Flitwick Road, Ampthill, Bedfordshire, MK45 2NU. The club will therefore not be open on Sunday and there will be no shooting at Putnoe Lower on Sunday 20th July.

We are asking archers who are not shooting in the FITA to volunteer to help out at the county shoot as part of the working party – searching for lost arrows, moving equipment, and helping to set out the field and put away at the end.

This is a county event and all clubs are requested to provide help. There will be a working party on Friday evening to set out the field from 7pm onwards ready for Saturday morning, and your help with setting up the field would be very much appreciated. If you can spare a couple of hours to assist, the help would be most welcome. The more people there are, the easier it will be.

Many thanks.