Crimbo Clout and Winter Warwick 2014

To end 2014 with a twang, we are holding an OUTDOOR shoot on Sunday 28th December and shooting a Winter Warwick and Crimbo Clout.

Five Zone Scoring - Gold = 9, Red = 7, Blue = 5, Black = 3, White = 1
Five Zone Scoring – Gold = 9, Red = 7, Blue = 5, Black = 3, White = 1

The Winter Warwick will be two dozen arrows at 60 yards and two dozen at 50 yards, with shorter dstances for Juniors and those who’ve eaten too many mince pies.

The Crimbo Clout will be three dozen arrows at:

  • Gents – 165m
  • Ladies – 125m
  • Junior Gents under 18 – 125m
  • Junior Gents under16 – 110m
  • Junior Gents under14 – 90m
  • Junior Gents under 12 – 75m
  • Junior Ladies under 18 – 110m
  • Junior Ladies under 16 – 90m
  • Junior Ladies under 14 – 75m

Coiciclesme dressed for the occasion with plenty of layers, gloves to wear between ends and hats to keep ears warm.

Christmas Shoot 2014

christmas-bells-298x300There will be a ChristmasShoot on 23rd December and you are invited to wear seasonal Fancy Dress (removeable for shooting or safe to shoot in, please) with a novelty round for all participants. Please come along and share your Christmas cheer!

Club Anniversary 2014

Five Zone Scoring - Gold = 9, Red = 7, Blue = 5, Black = 3, White = 1
Five Zone Scoring – Gold = 9, Red = 7, Blue = 5, Black = 3, White = 1

As the annual celebration of the founding of the club we will be shooting a St George, Albion or Windsor on Sunday 13th July:

  • St George – Three dozen arrows at each of 100 yards, 80 yards and 60 yards
  • Albion – Three dozen arrows at each of 80 yards, 60 yards and 50 yards
  • Windsor – Three dozen arrows at each of 60 yards, 50 yards and 40 yards

This is a GNAS round with five-zone scoring and opportunities to get score for handicaps up to Bowman classification.

Shooting will commence at 12:00 midday with the field being set up from 11:00am. There will be a short break at each distance while we move the targets. Weather permitting we are planning to have a barbecue afterwards.

Presidents and Pairs 2014

The OVA Crew
The OVA Crew

OVA enjoyed a collective day out on Sunday 22nd June at the 2014 Presidents and Pairs, which was organised by Hawks Archery Club and turned into a splendid day’s archery enjoyed by all. Thanks also to Clophill AC for allowing the clubs to use their facilities.

The club did well at the tournament, with Hannah Burnage earning the trophy for Junior Lady Recurve, Jules Ashpole, Alan Westlake and Mike Rumfitt claiming the Presidents Compound Team Trophy and Ted Tricker and Ben Ledwick winning the County League Club Longbow Team Trophy.

Aside from the trophies, many archers shot well and improved their handicaps, and everyone had a great day out.


Club Competition Round 2 – new date

200px-Archery_Target_80cmThe club competition second round has been delayed one week to avoid a clash with the Presidents and Pairs on 22nd June. The round will not be shot on Thursday 26th June, Sunday 29th June and Tuesday 1st July.

  • Long Metric 2 (3 dozen at 60m + 3 dozen at 50m)
  • Short Metric 2 ((3 dozen at 50m + 3 dozen at 40m)

This will be a Metric Round (6 dozen arrows) with ten-zone metric scoring and will make use of all available daylight, so any help with setting up the field before the round would be much appreciated.

2013 Outdoor Competition – Round 4

200px-Archery_Target_80cmThe next round of the club outdoor competition will be a Short Metric I, which is 3 dozen arows at 50m and 3 dozen at 30m, all on 80cm targets. This will be shot in sixes, with one end of 6 sighters, using ten-zone scoring.

Dates will be confirmed in the near future, but the round cannot be shot on 4th August as previously notified as we will be at the County Championships.

Any help in getting the range set up will be much appreciated as we will be trying to maximise the use of daylight.

2013 Paddockfest

Example of an animal face, showing kill, wound and hit zones. If you hit the ears, that’s a miss!

In the annual celebration of the founding of the club, we will be shooting a special Paddockfest round. This will involve shooting at animal face targets set at non-standards distances (eg: 15 yards, 2 feet and 7 Inches, or 37.3 metres). Points will awarded for the target zone – hit, wound or kill – and scores will be calculated based on an arcane handicap system known to only a few.

This is a fun shoot for the whole club, and anyone could win. All bow-styles are welcome, and sights are allowed. Arrows are shot in threes, and there are no sighters with this round.

2013 Outdoor Competition – Round 3

200px-Archery_Target_80cmRound 3 of the club outdoor competition will be on Tuesday 9th, Thursday 11th and Sunday 14th July and will be a Metric IV – that’s three dozen arrows at 40 metres and three dozen at 30 metres at a full-sized face. Arrows will be shot in sixes, but we will not be timing ends. Scoring is ten-zone, and Xs will be counted.

Any help in getting the targets set up promptly would be greatly appreciated. Please try and arrive promptly as this is a six-dozen round and we need to make the most of the available evening daylight.

A reminder also that when we have lost arrows, can everyone help search as it helps keep the shoot moving along.

Outdoor Competition 2013

200px-Archery_Target_80cmThe Club Outdoor competition will begin on Sunday 5th May with alternate shooting opportunities on Tues 7th and Thur 9th May, and will be a shortened FITA 50 – that’s four dozen arrows shot at a single distance of 50m at an 80cm metric target. The full FITA 50 may be shot on Sunday when there is sufficient daylight, but it is thought that there will not be enough daylight to shoot six dozen arrows in one of the evening sessions – therefore only the first four dozen arrows will count for the club competition.  The full round (six dozen arrows) will be eligible for a GNAS handicap.

Archers are asked to cross-score (i.e score each other’s arrows) and to check the arithmetic before signing the score-sheets at the end. Recurve Gentlemen can reach 3rd Class with a score of 225, and Recurve Ladies can reach 3rd class with a score of 129, and a 2nd Class with 240. Gents Compound 3rd Class is 381.

Help in getting the range set up promptly on Tuesday and Thursday is much appreciated, as the earlier shooting starts the more daylight we will have.

Easter Shoot 2013

The Junior Easter shoot will be held over 2 days this year, Tuesday 2nd and Thursday 4th April.

In a break from traditional junior shoots, we will be having a “Archery Darts” match! On the Thursday there will be the usual fancy dress competition and also a raffle. Tickets will be available from this Sunday from either Hayden or Hannah. Prize donations will be gratefully received!